We are an independent video game studio in Los Angeles, CA. Currently developing original IPs across console, PC, mobile, and tablets. 

We teamed up with the Emmy-nominated make up artists from The Walking Dead / True Blood for a Robotoki team Zombie Day!

We teamed up with the Emmy-nominated make up artists from The Walking Dead / True Blood for a Robotoki team Zombie Day!


We are looking for creative individuals across multiple disciplines that can bring their unique insight and expertise to a growing team of ambitious like-minded developers. We encourage you to let your job title merely be your starting point, not define your potential.


Robotoki is focused on building genre redefining experiences that extend beyond any single device. Join us in creating innovative new technology and gameplay that connects our unique game universes through multi-screen, cross platform, and cross genre experiences.


A work-life balance is extremely important to us here at Robotoki. We feel the need for our team to take time away from the studio to creatively recharge and refresh themselves. Whether its taking a vacation, or spending time with their families, creating this balance is a crucial part of our studio culture.

Unlimited PTO Policy

One of the strongest ways we encourage this balance is with our Unlimited PTO Policy, which affords our team the freedom and flexibility to take time off for vacation, family outings, important personal events, and any other personal time they feel they need, whenever they need it.  

Mandatory Personal Days


 In addition to the open Paid Time Off Policy, we request that all employees take a paid personal day on their birthday, spouse birthdays and children birthdays, along with important anniversaries.  

Building a Stronger Studio


We believe a healthy personal life alleviates the pressures of a career life, allowing our team to be more emotionally and intellectually invested in building great games and a stronger studio. This culture is maintained by having a small, close knit team, that we'd like to keep together from project to project, we encourage every member of Robotoki to become part of our foundation and to be invested in the success of not only the project on hand, but the studio as a whole. To accomplish this, we enroll every full-time, exempt (salaried) employee into our Studio Retention Plan, which includes the ability to participate in our Studio Bonus Plan and potential Stock Options. 

In addition, every member of the team gets to enjoy the fully stocked kitchen, free rental library with hundreds of games, movies, books, and other entertainment, as well as participate in team outings (movie premieres, sports events, BBQs), and weekly game nights in the studio. 

Healthcare For Team and Families

Mental and emotional health is key, but physical health is equally important, not only for our team but also our families. This is why we offer flexible healthcare options that give our team a choice between affordable HMO or more open PPO policies.  





Design Department:

Senior Player Control Programmer

Seeking an experienced gameplay programmer to bring quadrupeds, mounts, mounted combat, and two wheeled vehicles into our open world, survival, role playing game.  Desired candidate has experience implementing these and related systems, a natural feel for player controlled gameplay, ability to work closely with design and animation, and a strong engineering background.


Programming Department:

Senior Game Server Programmer

Robotoki is seeking a Senior Game Server Programmer to own the game server and client communication in our open world online survival game.

The ideal candidate is passionate about games, experienced in development, self-directed, and eager to own the challenges of taking our open world online.  As a senior engineer, this position requires a high degree of hands on work on all networked game code.


Full Stack Engineer (Senior Back End Online Programmer)

Robotoki is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to drive the development of the back end architecture, data storage, and front end management tools for our open world online survival game.   Your stack includes: account management, payment processing, load balancing, matchmaking, friends lists, chat, telemetry, anti-cheat, server and database infrastructure design, and live operations management tools.


Art Department:

Art Director

Seeking an experienced hands-on art director to lead by example when establishing a visual bar for the quality and production workflow for a team of artists. This role requires a strong conviction and plan for quality vs resources. 


Lead Environment Artist

Seeking an experienced hands-on Lead Environment Artist who can set the visual bar for the environment art and scene creation within our open world first-person survival game, as well as set the pace for team of environment artists designed to get the highest quality within the timeframe and resources of the project.


Environment Prop Artists

Seeking a detail oriented environment artist interested in working hand in hand with design to help evoke stories and narrative through their asset creation.  Exposure and experience with CryEngine and physically based rendering is a great plus.


Environment Texture Painter

Seeking a photo realistic texture painter and surfacer to work closely with 3D modelers and designers to create highly detailed textures for the environment and props of our first person open world game Human Element. The ideal candidate will be self-directed, have a module design mindset, and be able to communicate between the modelers, concept artists, and designers to find the most efficient and optimized way to achieve the desired scene with the least amount of work. 


Senior Lighting Artist

Seeking an experienced Senior Lighting Artist to own the lighting of our open world, first person, survival game Human Element. Experience with CryEngine and lighting photo realistic physical based rendered game environments a plus. 


Lead Character Artist

Seeking an experienced hands-on Lead Character Artist who can set the visual bar for the playable and NPC characters of our open world first-person survival game. In addition to setting the pace for a team of environment artists designed to get the highest quality within the timeframe and resources of the project.


Senior Character Concept Artist

Seeking a talented concept artist to establish consistent definitions of the photo realistic look of our factions, survivors, key characters, and supporting props and clothing in our open world first person survival game.


Senior Technical Artist

Seeking a senior technical artist with expert knowledge of lighting, textures, shaders, and advanced materials preparation pipelines.  Knowledge of physically based rendering is highly desired.  Exposure and experience with CryEngine a plus.  Maya tool creation experience is required.






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