Mission Statement

To create an environment that supports and encourages the exploration of experimental new IPs, game mechanics, and design choices which can be leveraged across all platforms and mediums. 

Founded on April 9th, 2012

Robotoki is an independent game studio in Los Angeles, California founded by Robert Bowling, former lead of Infinity Ward and Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise. The studio employs over 50 developers with over 30 years of senior development experience across all platforms. We are focused on our team first and everything else second. We believe in a studio culture that places emphasis on talent, creative freedom and encouragement to express work in a way that is emotionally rewarding. Cultivating a happier, healthier, and more invested team. 

Letter From The President

We create games that we can all be proud of and emotionally invested in on a core level. Creating experiences rather than just mechanics.

Joining Robotoki is joining a family. If you make this commitment, I can promise you a place among friends, where you are free to express yourself creatively and intellectually and to get involved as much as you desire.

Our culture encourages you to let job descriptions merely be your launching pad, not your confines.

As the studio head and founder of Robotoki, my promise to you, is to create and maintain an environment that you’re excited to come to every morning, proud to talk about when you go home, and inspired to help grow and build through your emotional, intellectual, and creative investments in our projects, studio, and culture.

I promise you projects shaped by the passion and ideas of every member of the team. I believe in brutally honest communication, clear guidance, and the value of conversation on all levels of decision making. Everything is open for discussion. An uncontested directive is an imperfect one.

Robert Bowling

President of Robotoki